Soma Jewelry

SOMA Jewelry is a Jakarta based brand, created by artist Della Suhael. SOMA has been making silver jewelry since its founding in 2016 with its mission of turning traditional craftsmanship into magic. 
SOMA creations are inspired by expressing a Cosmic Truth, created as a reminder of the multiverse we live in made up of past phenomenon, objects of personal perception and the senses of the body and mind. All of these concepts are visited during SOMA's design process, giving each piece its own story and lesson for the wearer to uncover. SOMA seeks to express the journey inwards to explore and uncover the remnants of a past that when cared for and appreciated become beautiful- Ad astra per aspera "through difficulties to the stars". 
SOMA Music Chanel shares these expressions within sound, providing one minute daily inspiration through an eclectic blend of sounds. Main genres include but not limited to disco, electronic, Japanese groove, ambient, baleraric, chamber music, space rock, jazz and folk all accompanied by thought provoking visuals taking the viewer to another world. Suhael's SOMA Music Chanel often collaborates with local DJs and will soon feature live mixtape recordings to overflow your mind, body and soul.