Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans is a Swedish clothing brand originating in Gothenburg and a subsidiary of Svenska Jeans AB, by Maria Erixon, a former employee of Lee Europe.

Nudie is youthful brand with a heavy focus on ethical production, with the majority of their jeans being made in Italy under fair conditions. What’s more, a couple of years ago Nudie became a 100% organic brand – a defining feature which manages to set them apart from the rest in the current climate of mediocre mass-produced denim.

Nudie has made a name for itself by catering to the demands of jeans wearers round the world with their comprehensive -and continuously growing – selection of styles, fits and finishes. Nudie Jeans are meant to be worn, beaten up, repaired, reused, recycled and lived in. For years.

Nudie specializes in raw and prewashed denim jeans, but the company's collection includes many other items of casual clothing & accessories.