Ignored Prayers

Formed in 2008 as a blog by Scott Tepper, Ignored Prayers was a virtual clubhouse for himself and his friends, where they could exchange obscure videos from the dark recesses of the internet, as a form of communication before the social media boom. Over time, Scott began sponsoring friends' art shows and releasing printed matter, like the Seasonal Depression zine, showcasing his friends' art.

Each piece of content and graphic output confronts taboo subjects, pulling from influences across a broad spectrum of found imagery on vintage t-shirts, product packaging, pop culture, counter culture and the underground; every design idea is approached with a DIY attitude and irreverent stance on politics, social norms and humour.

In 2016, after leaving his previous job as a creative director for HUF, Tepper launched Ignored Prayers as an official brand on Halloween, with a collection of jackets, sweats, t-shirts and assorted paraphernalia.